The Cocoon Savannah is Cocoon Homes' concept project with 323 homes on 15 hectares of land. The development will have 4-beds Duplexes, 2 beds detached bungalow, 3 beds jointive bungalow, 3 beds bungalow in a row and 4 beds bungalow in row, as well as commercial spaces.

Landscape, Size and General Features

Duplex (4 Bedrooms)

103 units of 4 Bedroom Duplexes. Size - 119sqm.

Detached Bungalow (2 bedrooms)

48 units of 2 Bedroom Detached Bungalow. Size - 77sqm.

Jointive Bungalow (3 bedrooms)

90 units of 3 Bedroom Jointive Bungalows. Size – 95sqm.

Bungalow in row (3 bedrooms)

42 units of 3 Bedroom Bungalow in row. Size – 110sqm.

Bungalow in row (4 bedrooms)

40 units of 3 Bedroom Bungalow in row. Size – 113sqm.


Adequate parking spaces


120sqm of commercial spaces will be reserved for supermarkets, convenience stores, fast foods and other commercial services that will be useful to residents

“Buy homes to fit your lifestyle and budget”

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Duplex 4BR Full Detached
  • Cocoon Savannah - Full Detached Duplex 4 Bedroom Room
  • Cocoon Savannah - Full Detached Duplex 4 Bedroom Floor Plan
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  • Cocoon Savannah - Bungalow Semi Detached 3 bedroom
  • Cocoon Savannah - Bungalow Semi Detached Floor Plan
  • Cocoon Savannah - Bungalow Semi Detached
  • Cocoon Savannah - Bungalow Single Sideview
  • Cocoon Savannah - Bungalow Single Floorplan


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Cocoon Savannah Solar Energy

Cocoon Savannah will be positioned to benefit from long-term, maintenance free and sustainable source of electric power through solar energy. With its efficacy, efficiency and ease, it will be the major contributor of energy to the development

  • Hedged and flat energy bills.
  • Fuel (sunlight) is free and always available, no fuel cost or logistics concerns.
  • Makes power available 24 hours a day (house can go off generators and off-grid).
  • Systems are always modular so always expandable.
  • Requires little to no maintenance.
  • Silent with no emissions footprint.
  • Whenever the grid is available it also charges the system and powers the house, removing/reducing the need for generator.
  • Not location specific (fungible), equipment can be moved as necessary.
  • Quick installation (and removal, as necessary).