Nigeria: Lawyer Publishes ‘Timeless’ Book On Nigerian Real Estate

Nigerian Lawyer and Blogger, Prince O. Williams-Joel has launched a book titled ‘Compilation of Articles on Law and Property in Nigeria: Simplified’. It was published by Prince Joel and Associates Press.

The book is a compilation of some of the online works of the Owner and Editor-in-chief of, Williams-Joel, translated into book form to equip readers far and wide.

The book is divided into four segments namely: Land Purchase and Transaction, Land Verification and Documentation, General Legal Advice and general information on real estate.

Topics exhaustively discussed in the book include the Methods of acquiring land in Nigeria, things to check for and measure when buying a land, the Ibeju lekki lawyer five guidelines for buying property (land or house) in Lagos, notes on Certificate of Occupancy and whether it is an absolute title to land.

Other topics are: Sale of family land in Nigeria, Power of attorney in land matters, Acquisition of land in Nigeria by foreigners and the need for a lawyer in closing land transactions.

“This book is indeed, a handbook of property transactional knowledge to be recommended to Real Estate Practitioners, financiers, developers, Lawyers and Investors alike,” a press statement from the publishers said.

“It is no doubt that this timeless piece is coming at an auspicious moment, when the Nigeria’s real estate market is projected to turn the corner in 2018. The incisive analysis and exposition of the complexities fraught in land and property related subject matter in a simplified manner, is reckoned to none,” the statement added.

The book launch, which was held at Rydges Hotel, Gloucester Road, Kensington, London, was hosted by the British Nigeria Law Forum (BNLF) in collaboration with Prince Joel and Associates. Chairperson, BNLF, Seye Aina, welcomed the audience. Prince Joel delivered the keynote presentation and led the discussion on Law and Property in Nigeria. Gabriel Enuezie, Partner, Chancery West Law Solicitors concluded the event with a thank-you note.

Williams-Joel, who draws from over 15 years of experience in real estate to describe realities of land/property acquisition, ownership and to rectify misguided notions about financing property investment in Nigeria in his latest book, expressed his disapproval of investors not knowing or understanding their rights on land/property matters before acquisition during the launch.

He said: “It must be noted that certificate of statutory or customary right of occupancy issued under the Land Use Act, 1978 cannot be said to be conclusive evidence of any right or valid title to a land. It is, at best, only evidence that is accepted until being challenged and proven otherwise.”

He also added that it will be very wise to contact a real property law firm with great expertise when buying a land or property in Nigeria. To get a copy, interested readers can visit: